Stove Installation

You’ve found the stove you like, but realised it’s not as simple as plug and play!

With building regulations and safety to consider, a stove is not the best DIY project to consider if you do not have comprehensive knowledge and experience behind you.

You see, it’s not just the stove you have to consider, there is a chimney, the surround, and potentially structural reinforcements, plastering and decor too.

Get the job done right with Tayside Stoves, we can provide the full transformation service.


How much does it cost to install a stove?

The question most asked by eager stove hunters!

The problem is that it’s not that straight forward. Supply and installation prices can start anywhere around £3,000 but can rise upwards depending on a few factors as outlined below

  • Whether you have an existing chimney in place
  • If the property has multiple levels
  • The age of home your home, and therefore whether it is of stone or timber construction
  • The positioning of the actual stove e.g. will it be in an existing fireplace or be freestanding in a corner? Does the new stove need to be embedded into the infrastructure of the wall so it sits seamlessly? There are many options to consider.
  • Whether you would like us to handle just the install, or all the repair

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    Choosing Your Stove

    It's important that you choose the right stove to suit your requirements – as well as your desired style to match your own personal taste. Take a look at the things to consider when choosing a stove and the stove brands we recommend for our customers.
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